Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A final decision has been made and the race will be @ Hebron Academy this Saturday 3pm start.
Details are here:

The race time on Saturday will be at 3:00 PM. We can get in to the woods to practice/warm up at 1:45, but we have to make sure the cross country teams are out! They should definitely be out by that time, 2:00 at the latest if their meet starts late. I believe it is going to be quite a long course. For those that came last year it is those three single tracks on the large double track loop with an additional new long single track we just completed-so the plan is the large double loop trail with 4 single tracks off it and we will be doing them backwards this time from last year. So, perhaps one lap for JV and two for varsity.

Parking: Drive onto campus and take the road opposite the gym and park in the parking lot of the new athletic building on the far right side of the parking lot next to the green Chadbourne Center with the shed in the back. Please make sure the students stay off the areas where the new grass is growing-has hay on it. If the students need to use the bathroom they can walk up and to the right into the student union or to the ice rink/arena area.