Friday, October 8, 2010

Race #4 @ CVA

Looks to be a primo day to race tomorrow in the shadows of Sugarloaf USA. Here is an update from CVA Coach Fahy:
The race will be at the Touring Center which is on touring center road. If you get to the school or the Sugarloaf Access Road you've gone about a ½ mile to far coming from the South. Unfortunately we had to change the course this year do to the building of a world class Nordic race trail. Which is great, but the new race trail screwed up a lot of our Mt. Bike trails. The course this year is about a 2.7 mile long loop and has a few small aggressive climbs but it doesn't have the big grind it used to hold. A little more then ½ of the loop is wide Nordic Ski trail and the rest is narrow and relatively technical single track. I think everyone should try to show up to do a warm up lap on the course. I think it'll take about 25 minutes at warm up pace. Please tell all your kids that they may use the bathroom in the Touring Center Building as long as they do not wear bike shoes inside. The Sugarloaf Ski Club has a banquet that afternoon and they would really appreciate it if the athletes stayed out of the dinning area.

Get some rest tonight and good luck to those taking SAT's! See you at the start line @ 3:30.

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