Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 Season Planning

Hello Racers! Hopefully everyone has been out riding their bikes in this awesome summer weather! The season is set to get underway in just a few weeks. There has been a lot of discussion and planning amongst coaches and teams with the hope of providing all racers a variety of opportunities to race and challenging competition. As such, the series has been expanded to include some Lakes Region Series events. Points earned in these races will count towards the overall Maine Points Series.

The tentative schedule is:
9/14 @ ME Sport
9/18 @ Proctor
9/21 @ 12 Hours of Bradbury (optional, non-counter)
9/25 @ Kennett HS (counter?)
10/2 @ Augusta area venue
10/9 @ Fryeburg
10/12 @ Gould
10/16 @ Cardigan (optional, counter?)
10/20 @ Tread Fest (optional, non-counter)
10/26 @ Snow Bowl
10/30 @ New Hampton
11/2 @ New England Championship (non-counter, stand-alone event)

Check back soon for the final schedule and countable events.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the first event!

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